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Frank's Site

Welcome to the CERUTI family home site, Frank Ceruti's branch

As shown in the family tree, Frank was the second of two sons of Frederick L. R. Ceruti and Dolores S. Gravenhise. He is currently married to Monica M. Allison, daughter of the late retired Navy CPO Peola Allison and the late Virgia Jiles-Allison.  Frank and Monica have two sons, Mychal and John-Anthony. Frank has six other children, all adults, Francine, Gwen, Frank, Jr., Monique, Kimberly, and Tracey.


Here we have a patriotic photo of Frank’s current family. One Army, two Air Force, and one Coast Guard. Every member of the family participated in the service of the country, continuing a tradition that traces back at least to the Civil War.  Three still serving and one retired.  Click on the image to see biographies.